The Wallpaper Project

Bachelor’s project from HDK-Valand

This project was an exploration of the horror genre in games and stories and how we can visualze horror differently than many modern horror movies and big title games. It was comprised of three main parts: game concept building around the chosen text which was The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, storyboards and animation to show story progression and potential gameplay, and a physical booklet compiling the project together.

Reading classic horror stories and seeing what games and movies often have to offer today, I wanted to pair the genre with a visual style that is probably not normally associated with horror, making it potentially more accessible to those who are interested in the stories being told but not the way they are being shown. the animation shows potential gameplay as a kind of point and click adventure, where you play a weasel trapped in a room by their partner. The weasel meets a ghost in the room and together they try to escape the house.

concept art

project poster


game view weasel

game view ghost

animation backgrounds

Wall with bed

Wall with crawlspace


storyboard pg 1

storyboard pg 2

storyboard pg 3